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Aervoe 245 Marking Stick

Model #1245 | SKU #593394

46 available

A hand held, rolling inverted marking paint applicator. Includes a flag holder and flag insert spike. Simply remove the wheel and insert the spike for quick flag placement.This device is great for creating straight lines and consistent markings while conserving your energy. No need to bend down and manually spray paint applications when you can easily roll and spray with the marking stick. Save time and get the job done quicker, more efficiently, and more consistent with the marking stick.Made with a tough durable plastic and lightweight steel for easy single-hand operation. Intended for upside down marking only.View how easy the 245 Marking Stick is to use. Sturdy, lightweight construction, Single-hand operation, Contoured handle for easy, comfortable grip, Convenient trigger actuator, Can may be placed in applicator with cap on. Approximate length 32" / 2 lbs.

Product Type Marking Stick
Material Type Plastic / Lightweight Steel
Brand Aervoe