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Workflow Optimization (Field to Finish)


CSDS is pleased to share with you our comprehensive offering of consulting services. We proudly provide an extensive list of Field to Finish products and services. Our team of professionals develop and test our solutions to ensure you get the most out of your hardware and software investment, while providing you with the best industry practices supported by reliable technology.

Below are some of the areas where CSDS and can help you.


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Knowledge is power, as the old adage goes, which is why we’re excited to announce the launch of Can-Learn, our new online training platform. Can-Learn provides its users with the best training possible. From online introductory courses to videos and webinars, you will find everything you need to bring your team up to speed on Trimble Access, Trimble Business Center and more!


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Workflow Optimization

CSDS developed a Workflow Optimization System that helps organizations optimize their underlying processes to reduce risk and increase efficiency. Our experience with hundreds of different types of technologies and processes allows us to examine an organization's workflow. We can create a more refined and effective system that will reliably deliver measurable returns on your investment while providing a solid foundation to take on current and future challenges.

Our goal is to help firms overcome challenges with Geospatial/MGIS data collection, design, production, collaboration and project deliverables through focused, innovative and efficient solutions in all areas of spatial technology applications.

The Workflow Optimization System focuses on addressing the technical and workflow requirements of a client by taking a Business-First Approach. The Business-First Approach is our way of understanding and addressing technical challenges, while considering the current state of your business versus where you see its future state.

The Workflow Optimization System ensures that any proposed solution not only meets our clients’ technical requirements, but also aligns with corporate objectives and the company’s future. We understand the importance of implementing automation based on company standards for: Geospatial data collection, 3D laser Scanning, Drone data collection, linework creation, attribution database and enterprise systems integration to support model-based design and visualization (BIM – Building Information Modeling) and asset management.

Learn how you can decrease manual labour, increase quality control, enhance collaboration and minimize the revisions required to produce deliverables with our Workflow Optimization service.