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What is the CSDS RTN?

The California Surveying and Drafting Supply Real-Time Network (CSDS RTN) is a dynamic GNSS Real-Time Kinematic network that provides more reliability, more coverage, and more accuracy than traditional single-base networks. The CSDS RTN provides RTK & GLONASS corrections to your equipment in the field, enabling you to achieve up to one-centimeter accuracy. With no need for a station or rover radio, CSDS RTN users are able to reduce their hardware costs by up to 50% while achieving the same or better level of accuracy in their precision surveying & mapping applications.

How does the CSDS RTN work?

Each rover is equipped with a cellular internet connection and an applicable data plan that connects to the CSVSN’s Virtual Reference System to acquire its GNSS correction signal. On the network side, the CSDS RTN utilizes a fully redundant server farm with Trimble Integrity Manager software that monitors over 50 Reference Stations across California. This helps ensure accuracy and availability regardless of power outages, loss of reference stations, reference station movement due to earthquakes, etc. With the network being fully redundant and constantly monitored, it ensures you won’t lose signal when you need it most.

What areas does the CSDS RTN cover?

The CSDS RTN is available over two networks: Northern California, which spans Redding to Bakersfield, and Southern California, which currently spans from Ventura out to Palm Springs, all the way down to Imperial Beach, and is continuously expanding (see coverage map). Currently, the available coverage area is 105,000 square miles, making the CSDS RTN California’s largest GNSS network.

What products does the CSDS RTN work with?

The CSDS RTN works with virtually all major surveying and GIS/GPS products.

How can I utilize the CSDS RTN?

CSDS RTN subscriptions are sold by California Surveying & Drafting Supply. Complete our online form to request a free trial subscription or more information. You may also contact your local CSDS Surveying or Mapping sales representative.

Now with expanded coverage in Southern California!

  • Anaheim
  • El Centro
  • Escondido
  • Imperial Beach
  • Jacumba
  • Long Beach
  • Palm Springs
  • Pasadena
  • Niland
  • Pine Hills
  • Ontario
  • Salton City
  • San Clemente
  • Valencia
  • Temecula
  • Ventura
  • Lancaster
  • Victorville
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