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CSDS offers the very mature and widely accepted Trimble Forensics portfolio. This end-to-end hardware and software solution is designed specifically to help law enforcement and private sector agencies collect crucial evidence for collision reconstruction and crime scene investigation. CSDS' subject matter experts are former police officers who have worked in the field and can effectively communicate the benefits of the Trimble solution from the field to the office, and to the courtroom.

Crime Scene Investigation

CSDS' Trimble Forensics solution consists of sophisticated total stations, scanners, and data collectors built to capture critical, detailed information in any scene or environment. This hardware, combined with Trimble Forensics office software, streamlines the process of capturing accurate data in the field. This will give you confidence that the information you gather will hold up under scrutiny in any court of law.

Collision Reconstruction

With pressure on all levels of government to ensure the quick and uninterrupted movement of people and goods on America's roadways, it is essential that your robotic total stations, laser scanners, and GPS solutions collect the data you need to clear collision scenes quickly. This will reduce disruptions, costs, and risk to personnel and the public. Returning to the scene to collect more evidence is seldom an option so getting it right the first time is mission critical.

Officer with R12
Trimble X7 scanner​​​​​​​

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