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 Track Surveying

Railways are essential components of the global economy and infrastructure. Throughout their lifecycle, rail operators demand an efficient approach to planning, construction, operations, maintenance, and expansion. These applications call for innovative solutions for measurement and information management.

Based on decades of experience in the rail industry, Trimble® GEDO systems combine positioning and measurement sensors with communications and software. Trimble systems provide fast, accurate, and reliable solutions for railway spatial information needs.

CSDS' subject matter experts and professional services staff will be there to consult with you from project conception to the planning and integration of your Trimble Gedo System. This will help you deliver the accurate and timely results your clients have come to expect from you.

Railway Measurement Solutions


Key Benefits:

Speed and precision in measurement operations

Accurate reliable information on track and facilities

Increased efficiency in planning, design, and construction

Reduced downtime for measurement and maintenance

GEDO lifecycle


Trimble GEDO systems collect and manage detailed information needed by planners and designers.


Use Trimble GEDO systems for precise alignment of track and for post-construction inspections and approvals.


Trimble GEDO systems increase productivity in inspection and tamping operations.

Modernization and Expansion

High-resolution data from Trimble GEDO systems assist planners to update facilities and track for larger, faster rolling stock.

Signaling (ETCS and PTC)

Use Trimble GEDO systems to collect and manage information on location of track, control structures and other safety activities.


Trimble Railway Solutions GEDO

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